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All lessons are expertly delivered online and are driven by students' needs.

Parents have full visibility of all the learning that takes place with frequent feedback on progress.
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If Sumantha is fully-booked, you'll be offered a place on her waiting list or lessons with one of her qualified teachers.

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Key Stage 2 (Non Entrance Exam)
Key Stage 3 (Non Entrance Exam)
Entrance Exams
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"She got a grade 7!  I can't believe it - especially as she came to you on a grade 2.  Thank you so much." - Naomi W

​All Online Lessons Include

Private Learning Space

All one-to-one and mini group students benefit from a Google Classroom dedicated to them.  

This allows parents to have visibility over their learning, while students can stay organised during online learning.

Homework And Feedback

All students that I teach have the option of homework and purposeful homework.

These are included in my one-to-one and mini group fees.  For small group classes, it is an optional add-on.


Some levels of study need a bit more.  That's why for GCSE students, I also offer free an exclusive revision resources and unique exam questions.

At this level, indpendent learning skills are essential, so I like to support and encourage it.

"The online classes are well-organised and work well.  Sumantha is engaging and my daughter enjoy her lessons so much that we caught her telling her friends about it!"  - Jackie H

Contact Sumantha To Explain Your Tuition Needs