11+ Small Group Class (Years 4 & 5)

Maximum 10 students per class; lessons recorded for replay

Interactive and tailored to stretch and master core skills

Every Tuesday 5.45-6.30pm GMT

Maximum 10 students per class

Lessons recorded for replay

Access to recordings for whole half-term plus an extra week

Price per student per lesson: £15 (lesson only), £25 (lesson, homework and recorded video feedback)

2021/22 Half-Term 5

19th April - 24th May 2022

Every Tuesday 5.45 to 6.30pm GMT

15 minutes extra time reserved for questions and further work

Every lesson starts with Verbal Reasoning or Vocabulary Stretching

Week 1 SPAG Booster: Sentence Types & Conjunctions

Week 2 Transactional Writing: Factual-Style Writing

Week 3 Harder Comprehension Exercises & Techniques

Week 4 Creative Writing: Structured Stories

Week 5 Vocab Booster: Comprehension & Writing

Week 6 Exam Skills: Writing A Story In Timed Conditions

£90 Lessons Only
£150 incl. Homework & Recorded Video Feedback

Half-Term 5 enrolment will open soon.

Please get in touch if you would like me to contact you when enrolment opens.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the lessons?

  • Each lesson starts with a verbal reasoning or vocabulary booster
  • Lessons are recorded and you have access for the duration of the half-term, plus one extra week
  • Small group so that everyone gets my attention and can ask questions (watch the video for live footage)
  • Extra time reserved after the lesson for questions or to finish tasks
  • Time tasks and exam style questions

How do you make sure everything needed is covered?

Regardless of target schools, the English exams rotate around core topics, skills and most importantly, they are all interlinked.

For instance, let's say your child is preparing for GL exams which includes multiple-choice comprehension.  Students still need to master analysis and judgment skills, driven by deep understanding - practising CEM style, open-ended answers, help with this.

Every lesson includes exam paper style questions too.

How do you make sure you give ALL students your attention?

I take a maximum of 10 students per class.  If there are siblings, I occasionally extend this to 11 students.

This allows me to speak to each student individually and get to know them.

I create my lessons on a weekly basis, so that I can cater for individual student needs. 

What if students have different abilities?  

As an experienced and qualified teacher, I'm use 'differentiating' learning.  This is where different levels of tasks are given to support weaker students and stretch stronger students, as well as catering to everyone in between.

My style of feedback is to give individual students tailored feedback during tasks, so each one will have specific targets.

As you can see from my video, my style is very interactive.  So, each student feeds back to me after each task so I can give them pointers and address specific issues.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are booked in half-term blocks.

They work out to:

£15 per student per lesson (without homework)

£25 per student per lesson (with homework and recorded video feedback)

£90 Lessons Only
£150 incl. Homework & Recorded Video Feedback