• From Sunil whose son was in Year 9.

    "It's been several months since Sumantha started with my son, who is 14. Her teaching style has created both engagement and interest in the subject, as well as results at school."

  • Suparna's daughter - Year 8 and Year 9.

    "I would highly recommend Sumantha as she has been teaching my daughter since Year 8. During this time, her confidence has improved and her understanding of key texts has increased. This has resulted in my daughter's exam results improving."

  • Bea's son who was preparing for 10+ entrance exams.

    "You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for all your great work and continuous support. My son is still young and if not for the Coronavirus, we would have missed such an opportunity to meet and work with you, virtually!"

  • I teach all 3 of Kostas's children. Here is his feedback for his son.

    "My son started with Sumantha when he was 7. English was not a native language to him - combined with shyness, he fell behind at school. He has been having lessons with Sumantha for almost two years and there have been noticeable changes in his confidence and overall command of English."

  • I teach all 3 of Kostas's children. Here is his feedback for his daughter.

    "More recently my 6 year-old daughter started with Sumantha. She was a bit anxious. From the first lesson, Sumantha put her at ease and made the whole process very enjoyable. Sumantha is always prepared to give feedback on progress and suggestions on possible improvement. I would recommend her with full confidence."

  • From Pamela, whose daughter I successfully prepared for Stage 2 Tiffin 11+ exams.

    "Sumantha is a truly amazing teacher. Very professional and reliable - our girls felt very comforted in their 11+ preparation because of her support. They couldn't praise her highly enough. Sumantha provides high-quality support."

  • From Nahla, who's daughter attended my 2020 Summer School.

    "My daughter really enjoyed it. Sumantha is really energetic and organized , she usually hates studying and can be quite difficult to motivate. I think the biggest change was that she wanted to study because of the camp and now she still wants to study and improve. I would definitely recommend these classes to any parent whose child needs that extra push or is lacking confidence."

  • Diya's son was preparing for 11+ entrance exams.

    "Within 4 weeks of attending classes, I can see a difference in my son's performance."

  • Jackie's daughter, Year 8, wanted to stretch her skills to GCSE standard.

    "The online classes were well-organised and the technology worked really well. Sumantha was really engaging and works hard at involving all the students and the lesson plan and structure was easy to follow. My daughter enjoyed it too - we actually caught her telling her friends about it, independently of us, so that is high praise indeed."

  • Yanwen's son started on a Grade 6 and achieved Grade 9 (Year 11).

    "In just over a term, we have already seen a good result. My son's GCSE mock exam grade has moved up from 6 to 7. She started with a detailed assessment and provided tailored support to help my son quickly improve his grade."

  • Candy's daughter started on a Grade 2 and achieved a Grade 5 & 6 (Year 11).

    "J got a 6 in Literature and 5 in Language. We are absolutely delighted!! Her mock in March was a grade 2 so an incredible achievement. Thank you so much for everything. You're awesome!"

  • Sarah's son rose from Grade 2 and achieved Grade 5 - in seven weeks (Year 11).

    "I have seen his confidence and motivation dramatically increase. C got a 5 in both English GCSE's. He is very pleased, especially having got a 2 in his mock."

  • Naomi's daughter started on Grade 2. Her latest school-assessed grade was Grade 7 (Year 10-11).

    "I am so glad we found you! Sumantha made my daughter feel at ease straight away. She is very organised and knowledgable and has a brilliant way of teaching that is easy to relate to. Sumantha has given my daughter confidence and has given her brilliant strategies. She is a naturally gifted teacher."

  • Wendy's son started on Grade 2 and achieved Grade 4 (Year 11).

    "My son's confidence has drastically improved. He now believes that he can do it."

  • Jayne's daughter started on Grade 7. In two weeks, she achieved a Grade 8 (Year 11).

    "Sumantha is extremely professional and helpful, my daughter is finding the lessons very beneficial and I would recommend her highly."

  • Jo's daughter is home educated. In Jan 2021 she achieved a Grade 7 in Language. Her Literature results will be released in summer 2021. (Year 10-11)

    "We are very lucky to have found you and G would not have made half the progress without you. The skills she has learnt with you have also helped her tremendously with her other subjects. Can't thank you enough!"

  • Sukhwant's daughter started on Grade 5 and achieved a Grade 6 (Year 11).

    "Sumantha is an excellent tutor. She provides well-prepared and structured lessons which are clearly explained. She has also boosted my daughter's confidence. We would highly recommend Sumantha to anyone who is looking for an experienced English tutor."

  • Emma's son rose from a Grade 2 to a Grade 4 in eight weeks!
    (Year 11 Resit)

    "Sumantha was amazing with my child who has dyslexia. He failed his English GCSE and actually learned more in 8 weeks with Sumantha than he had at school - she kept his focus and interest and helped him build in confidence - I would highly recommend."