Zero to Fully-Booked in 4 Months

Maths With Dwight

Dwight had been working in recruitment for over a decade after having completed his PGCE.

In August 2020, he took the leap into setting up his tuition business - in the middle of the pandemic when the market was flooded.

In four months , he was fully booked (tutoring 4 days a week).

In six months he was building a waiting list and expanding his business.

Through weekly mentoring meetings and attending my workshops, he:

  • Attracted paid clients (without a website)
  • Charged correctly to build a sustainable business
  • Had systems and process for professional operation

Transitioning from school teaching tutoring

Excel in Maths UK

When I met Zorica, she was at the very start of setting up her tuition business - the aim was to leave teaching.

After her free Discovery Call and my Clients On-Demand Workshop, she was ready for a Power Hour.

We audited her current marketing strategies and found quick and actionable ways to improve her visibility.

Next, we'll be working on creating a strategy to convert visibility to paid customers. I'm excited to see where Zorica's business takes her!