Sumantha McMahon

Qualified Teacher (QTS) & Adult Trainer (TAP)

I'm a former teacher turned global private tutor tutor and an adult trainer with 15 years of experience.

I've had the honour of supporting hundreds of learners to unlock confidence, skills and results.

In my experience, once you remove the fear of making mistakes, improved results will follow.

I founded The Upgrade Project to house my free and paid support resources and services for both English students and educators.

My Story

I started my career in learning and development in 2006, after graduating, as a corporate adult trainer.

By 2011, I was managing training teams and running projects, but I wanted to pursue a more rewarding career - so I side-stepped into becoming a qualified secondary school teacher.  It seemed a logical choice since I came from a family of teachers!

After 7 years of supporting students in various schools, managing year groups and delivering staff teacher training, it will come as little surprise that I was exhausted from having such a poor work-life balance.

In 2017, I founded The Upgrade Project, and started tutoring children globally, and training corporate clients.   I'm delighted to be in a position that has afforded me a happier lifestyle while I continue to provide tailored support for the learners who I work with.

2020 marked a milestone for me, as I started mentoring educators, seeking to grow their client base and building a business strategy, on their terms.  I still teach children from around the world and it is a pleasure to be a part of their journies and watch them develop a love for English.

Professional Experience

2004 Graduated with 1st class BSc(hons)
Started tutoring my first student!

2006 - 2011 Qualified Adult Trainer and Project Manager.
Past clients include, L’Oréal, Berkley Homes, The Telegraph and the Ministry of Justice.

2011 Esher C of E High (Training)

2012 Langley Grammar (NQT)

2014 Esher C of E High (including Deputy Head of Department and Head of Year). I was also on the panel of teacher trainers.

Jan 2017 Left school to form my tutoring business.

March 2020 Addition of group tuition.

NOW Developing courses while tutoring and delivering adult training.

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